SONE-235 | "Instead of my girlfriend, cum in my teacher's mouth" A slutty teacher is jealous of me because I have a girlfriend and keeps trying to get me to fall for her with her relentless quickie blowjobs Kokoro Asano

SONE-235 |
Director: Suisei Akai
Studio: S1 NO.1 STYLE

Kokoro-sensei is a very pure teacher who likes me so much, but as soon as I got a girlfriend, she changed completely. This teacher who is usually elegant and beautiful suddenly awakens her slutty side. She is called out to the hallway during class to have her dick sucked, she gives me a quickie under the desk while studying in the library, and she is made to stay after school to give me a deep blowjob and then has sex with me on top of her. Today, I am violated again by this teacher who has become the embodiment of sexual desire driven mad by jealousy...


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