SSIS-929 | "I'm usually serious, but..." After-party at a hotel covered in body fluids with a married woman boss who becomes a kisser when drunk, incontinence when fucked, and a muddy wet bitch Saki Okuda

SSIS-929 |
Director: Inaball
Studio: S1 NO.1 STYLE

My boss, Ms. Okuda, is a talented career woman who can do her job and is a senior I respect. He's a reliable boss who always follows up on my mistakes, but he has one flaw: he's seriously bad at drinking. One day, on his way home from a business partner to apologize for an error in his estimate, he went to a drinking party as a reward. As the night progresses and she gets drunk, Okuda-senpai transforms into a lewd woman who is a huge kisser... ``Power harassment, sexual harassment, sexual harassment...I don't remember anything.'' I was kept being fucked all night, covered in incontinence and squirt.


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