DASS-116 | He will be back soon. Akari Mitani

DASS-116 | He will be back soon. Akari Mitani
Label: Das
Director: Jo Asagiri
Studio: Das

Even after reheating it, it did not return to its original state. Juri and Nakata, who had an affair in the past, broke up for each other's happiness. Shuri has a new lover, and Nakata is cooking for her wife with the skills he cultivated in Shuri's cooking class. However, both Akari and Nakata's hearts are just getting colder every day when their partners disrespect the dishes they made with time and effort. One day, Nakata passes by her cooking class and meets Akari again. The residual heat that was smoldering all the time. The end of this reheating of love is...


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